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Apart from teaching Wing Tsjun to people who practice the martial arts as a hobby, the main purpose of the Academy is to turn amateurs into professional martial artists.

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Boehlig Defence Systems / Wing Tsjun International declares itself to be a non-political and non-religious association, whose aim is to promote the arts taught within the organization, regardless of race, culture and religion.

The aim of the organization is not only to promote the "fighting arts " but also to bring a positive change in the student's personality.

Whatever the goal of its members might be, from fitness, self-esteem boost, fear-management or acquiring self-defence skills, our highly trained instructors are there to support everyone in their efforts.

Instructors and students work closely together to reach their goals, and even though the training itself involves psychologically and physically challenging parts there is always space left for fun.

The hundreds of years old techniques taught within BDS / WTI are combined with modern research in psychology, pedagogy and physiology. Therefore the authenticity of the classical aspects of the Wing Tsjun style is being delivered by using modern methods of didactics.

Kung Fu Grading Seminar
For The 1st Time in Sri Lanka...?

The National Director of Sri Lanka Wing Tsjun International, Sifu Premil Naveendra (Kung Fu Master: Premil Naveendra) who has successfully conducted the Wing Chun Kung Fu Grading Programme (Wing Tsjun Grading System- administrated by WTI) for his disciples who follow "Wing Chung" Kung Fu as taught by the grand master Thommy Luke Boehlig (the founder of WTI, formally called "Wing Tsjun International") who teaches "The Great Grand Master Ip Man's Fighting System".

As the representative of WTI, Sifu Thomas Simon (Sifu Premil Naveendra's Sihin) visited to Sri lanka and actively participated to administrate the grading seminar held today (11-August-2012) in Colombo.

WTI "Wing Tsjun International" is the only active international organization for Kung Fu, in Sri Lanka. Therefore this event can be considered as the first grading seminar held in Sri Lanka for the people who learn "Chinese Martial Art or Kung Fu".

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